HR Excellence

Present and Absent – The State of Our Field

I’m cheering for a new wave of learning and talent leaders to show the way with a leadership brand of masterfully driving results first, operating with a strategic lens of business first and inspiring stretch performance first. Read more

Get me a Rock

Forging a working relationship with a senior executive is can be quite a trial. Talent leaders need to bring the confidence and competence to gain respect in the ‘C-Suite”. Yet the unspoken rules are quite different and a new partnership savvy is needed. Read more

What Still Scares HR?

Even with all the progress we think we’ve made with such efforts at training return on investment, big data analytics and proclaiming to be business partners, could it be possible that in our heart-of-hearts, we in HR aren’t ready to sit at the big table of results? Read more

A Master of Timing

Timing is critical to the world of entertainment and equally important to our profession. Excellence in talent management is providing a steady supply of the right talent, for the right roles, ready at the right time . Nothing is more satisfying than getting the timing right. Read more

A Side Order Of Mindset Please

Perhaps it isn't all about the cleverness and trendiness of the new program. Inspiring a great manager mindset is often the missing ingredient for successful talent management initiatives. Read more

What’s It Worth?

Eventually we are all challenged to prove the worth of our programs and practices. The best strategy is to build in the defensive "rings" as you create your masterpiece and not later. Read more

Table Manners

Dreaming about what influential HR leadership looks like when minding your manners. Read more

Crazy Talk

The wisdom of what first sounded like non-sense provides great insight today. Read more