Executive Development

Moves of a Board Master

By not producing high quality “ready now” talent for tomorrow, we’re doomed to manage the crisis of the day over and over again. Read more

Sir Isaac And The Talent Junk Drawer

Consider the state of your talent management. Is everything well ordered, appropriately placed and in useful shape? Or perhaps, like most of us, there is one spot that isn’t well maintained or in tip-top shape — the talent junk drawer. Read more

Deciding the Future of Talent

False Positives, Hidden Negatives and an over-emphasis on Predicting are three barriers to effectively assessing and developing your future stars. Read more

You Want The Good News Or Bad News First?

One of your most promising leaders will be dropping by your office in a few minutes for a development chat. In front of you are the most recent leadership 360 and performance reports. They include high and low scores, strengths and weaknesses. So where will you focus? Read more